Is your organization acting appropriately in accordance with Anti-Money Laundering & Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) laws in Mauritius?


We can train and assist your organization in complying rightly with the “AML/CFT” laws, the requirements of the FIAMLA and the FIAML Regulations 2018.

Our Training Programme:


– Course Duration: 12 Hours (4-6 Weeks)
– Fees/Participant (MUR): 
– Learning Methods: In House/Online/Distance Learning/Face to Face.


In order to encourage employers to provide training to a maximum number of employees, the HRDC offers grants as incentive. Employers can recover up to 75% of training costs depending on their tax rate.
The training may either be run in-house or externally by training institutions registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority, (MQA). Grants awarded by the HRDC are based on a cost-sharing principle, i.e., grants will meet only part of the costs incurred for training by employers since they are not intended to be a subsidy. 
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AML/CFT Compliance Professional Course Topics:

1. Managing Money laundering and Terrorism Financing.
2. The International Bodies and Standards.
3. National Legal and Regulatory Frameworks.
4. Taking an AML/CFT Risk-Based Approach and Managing the Risks.
5. Initial and ‘Ongoing’ Customer Due Diligence (CDD).
6. Monitoring Activity and Transactions.
7. Recognizing and Reporting Suspicions.

Our Objectives to AML/CFT Compliance:

1. To educate and train the staff of the industry.
2. The contents shall be tailored for the specific industry.
3. Methods and typologies shall be specific to the business.
4. Ascertain that each individual in the organization can understand his role in the combat against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
5. Identification of Red Flags.
6. To conduct training/workshops/counselling and internal auditing.

Why (AML/CFT) Training/Workshops and Counselling?

1.  Obligation under the Mauritian Law – mitigates the legal risk.
2. Ensure that the business has taken appropriate and adequate safeguards against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.
Gives the comfort to the regulatory body and the reporting person – mitigates operational risk.
3. Provides the security to clients that the team is professional – mitigates reputational risk.
4. Protects the business against illegal practices and abuses that may disrupt the smooth running of the business.

Who should do the training?

1. Compliance Officers, Money Laundering Reporting Officers and the Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officers (public and private sectors).
2. Regulatory Bodies.
3. Offshore Management Companies/Trust Funds.
4. Independent Law Practitioners (Barristers, Attorneys and Notaries).
5. Law Firms, Joint Law Ventures, Foreign Law Firms and Foreign Lawyers.
6. Accountants and Auditors (public and professionals).
7. Insurance Firms.
8. Stock Brokers.
9. Bankers.
10. Jewelry Sector.
11. Real Estate Agency/Real Estate Industry in general.
12. Gambling Operators.
13. Car Dealers, etc.

Why choose Us?

We have the best legal experts to assist you and your organization.
1. We have a team of professionals who have experience in training and coaching especially professionals/working people locally and internationally.
2. Our legal professionals have been involved in the AML/CFT policies and regimes which have been implemented in Mauritius.

3. We understand your business exigencies, providing a tailor made training for front liners, customer facing staff and senior management including the Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer and the Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer.
4. Our flexibility and ability to adapt to your requirements.
5. We provide proper training environment.
6. We care for a long-term relationship.
7. We will accompany and assist your business to:
(a)  understand the vulnerabilities and potential AML/CFT risks;
(b)  conduct your business risk assessments;
(c)  develop a proper AML/CFT;
(d)  implement the AML/CFT policies and procedures

Our Training and Counselling Team

We have a team of professionals who have experience in training, coaching and counselling especially professionals/working people locally and internationally.

Me. Steeven SAUHOBOA

Lawyer & Legal Consultant

Mauritius / UK

Mrs. Chhayan RINGADOO

Compliance / MLRO